Let us share our experience and resources to help you thrive in private practice

At the Clinical Psychology Centre, we have watched dozens of professionals grow as they have built their careers over the years.

We also know that the financial rewards of running a private practice can offer over working in public or working for someone else. Hanging your name on the door is really exciting! But we have also seen how soon that excitement can turn to stress as the realization that you’ve never been taught how to run a business. It’s a lot of hard work, there are a lot of hidden costs and a lot of little problems to be solved. Even once you’re off the ground, your time will be better spent focusing on clients instead of spreadsheets.

In short – we’re looking to bring best practice into small practice

We understand just how difficult it is to be both client-facing and on top of the admin. It’s very difficult for just one person to manage everything – especially if you’re looking to expand the business!

What we’re looking to do is solve the most common problems faced by psychologists.

With our industry experience and business expertise, our focus is turning the paradigm of expensive in-house resources on its head.

Customisation & Pricing
We understand that every clinician works in a unique way and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to private practice. By default our pricing is fair depending on how big or small your practice is and we can tailor our service and price structure to fit your business – whether you’re seeing two or twenty clients a week, we can help support you wherever needed. Call us to find out how we can help.
Plant. Grow. Harvest.

One of the basic problems in private practice is that when you’re client facing then you can’t attend to calls. If you do pickup, then clients just want to ask one quick thing. If you don’t pickup, then new client go elsewhere or treatments are disrupted as diaries near capacity. If you take on a receptionist then you need to train and retain and full-time help forces you to expand and take on consultants, bigger rooms and your hours go up but your hourly pay goes down. All of a sudden, you find yourself playing catch up on business processes instead of problem formulations or doing staff management instead of professional development.

We want to do is turn this paradigm of expensive inhouse resources upside down by solving the most common problems this industry faces one by one, doing it well and sharing the value of the efficiencies of scale and collective wisdom within a community of professionals. We want to bring best practice to small practice.

Start saving time

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