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Dr Renée Bazley

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Renée Bazley is a clinical psychologist with significant experience treating psychological difficulties experienced by adolescents and adults using evidence-based approaches, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Solutions Focussed Therapy (SFT). She is particularly skilled in treating stress, anxiety, depression, suicide, grief, and emotion dysregulation. Renée is concerned about supporting individuals to cope through times of transition and change in their lives. She has a special interest in working with performing artists, athletes, and high functioning professionals to address the unique psychosocial demands of their careers.

Renée completed her PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Queensland. Her doctoral research produced The HOLLY Program, an evidence-based suicide prevention program for Christian faith-based organisations, which is currently being licensed for international dissemination. Renée provides training and supervision to clinicians and researchers wanting to disseminate the program. Other research experience includes positions at The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, investigating adolescent neurocognitive and emotional development, and developing an online parenting intervention for adolescent alcohol abuse. Renée’s research has been published in the Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, Advances in Mental Health, Spirituality in Clinical Practice, and Australasian Psychiatry. Renée is also committed to mental health promotion via education, and specialises in developing customised psychoeducation presentations for community and corporate settings.

Renée considers clinical work to be a great privilege. She is intentional about bringing expertise and kindness to her sessions, developing genuine and enduring connection with her clients, and creating an atmosphere of acceptance and hope.


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Monday 8:00am – 1:30pm,
Tuesday 8:00am – 1:30pm,
Thursday 8:00am – 1:30pm,
Friday 8:00am – 1:30pm

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Clinical Psychologist

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Clinical Psychologist


BPsychSc (Hons),
PhDClin Psych

Interest Areas:

Adult: Anxiety, Adjustment Difficulties, Depression/Mood Disorders,
Work Related Issues and Relationship Difficulties


CBT, ACT Motivational and SFT

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