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Expert Clinical Psychologists in Sydney

CPC has been part of the Lower North Shore community since 2001 and enjoy supporting a vast array of professionals in the area. While most of the time we are supporting GPs and Psychologists, we often work with Psychiatrists, Dieticians and School Counsellors. If there is anything that we can do to assist with your clients then we are always happy to help in any way possible, either in-house or referring you on to the best services we know of.

We work with GP’s, Psychiatrists, Paediatricians, Dieticians and other health professionals to support them in their work with the patients.

We are always interested in working with our psychologist colleagues to share our knowledge, resources or work together as part of our team.


At CPC our ethos is holistic care – we believe in the benefits of working as a team, not just with psychologists, psychiatrists, and general practitioners, but also with other allied health professionals, including dietitians, rehabilitation specialists, speech pathologists, and exercise physiologists.

We encourage a multidisciplinary approach when working with our clients and seek to collaborate closely with a client’s treating team to achieve best outcomes.

To ensure that clients are seen by a clinician with appropriate expertise, availability and other factors that could affect rapport, our Client Services Manager, Simone, conducts a brief triage with each client referred to the practice and is placed with a suitable clinician based on the Clinical Director Natasha Davis’, recommendations.
If clients are referred to the practice as a whole then they will be allocated to a suitable Clinical Psychologist and we will let you know as soon as their initial assessment has been scheduled. If you feel that a particular client should seen by a specific clinician, then please let us know and we will do everything possible to accommodate.

Better Access – Aims

The Better Access to Mental Health initiative commenced in 2001. It aims to create treatment options for sufferers of mental disorders by improving access to allied health professionals & psychiatrists. Under this scheme the role of the GP is to assess, plan and review the progress of treatment against the plan. It encourages a multidisciplinary approach to mental health care by structuring the manner and timeliness of communication between mental health care workers and GP’s. By recognising the efficacy of certain evidence based treatment approaches, the scheme aims to reduce the burden of mental health on the PBS and lost productivity due to lack of affordable and timely treatments.

Medicare Mental Health Care item numbers

GP items
2700 or 2701 Preparation of MHCP for GPs without Mental Health Skills training (valid lifelong for a specific diagnosed disorder)
2715 or 2717 Preparation of MHCP for GPs with Mental Health Skills training (valid lifelong for a specific diagnosed disorder)
2712 GP MHCP review
2713 Mental health care consultation

Consultant Physician Psychiatrist items
293 – 370

Consultant Physician items
110 – 133

Specialist Psychiatrists and Paediatricians items
104 – 109

Allied health items
Eligible Clinical Psychologists: 80000- 80020
Eligible Psychologists: 80100 – 80120
Eligible Occupational Therapists: 80125 – 80145
Eligible Social Workers: 80150 – 80170


All patients with a mental disorder, including with co-morbidity are eligible to receive treatment under the Better Access scheme. A mental disorder is defined as a clinically diagnosable disorder that significantly interferes with an individual’s cognitive, emotional or social abilities and includes the following:

  • Chronic psychotic disorder
  • Acute psychotic disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disorders
  • Phobic disorders
  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder
  • Adjustment disorders
  • Unexplained somatic complaints
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Conduct disorders
  • Bereavement disorders
  • Post traumatic stress disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Panic disorders
  • Mixed anxiety and depression
  • Dissociative (conversion) disorder
  • Neurasthenia
  • Mental Disorder NOS
  • Sleep problems
  • Hyperkinetic (Attention deficit) disorders
  • Alcohol use disorders
  • Drug use disorders
  • Depression
  • Sexual disorders
  • Enuresis (non organic)

Approved Treatments – Evidence Based Therapies

  • Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy
  • behavioural interventions (exposure, activity scheduling, mindfulness based CT)
  • cognitive interventions (behavioural experiments, cognitive challenging)
  • Relaxation strategies
  • progressive muscle relaxation
  • Skills training
  • problem solving skills training
  • anger management
  • social skills training
  • communication training
  • time management
  • parent management training
  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT; especially for depression)
  • Narrative Therapy may be used with Aboriginal and TSI people

Limits to services

Medicare rebates are available for up to 10 individual and 10 group services (minimum 6, maximum 10 participants) per calendar year.

Structure of treatment

Provided in sets of sessions typically 6. The GP will typically create a care plan detailing the treatment needed and the number of sessions they authorise in the initial set of treatment sessions. On completion of these sessions with a psychologist the GP reviews the written report of progress and may choose to authorise a further set of sessions, although only 10 may be claimable in one calendar year.

Reporting requirements for Mental Health Care Providers

At the end of the authorised number sessions (maximum 6) OR on completion of the course of treatment, the clinical psychologist must provide a written report to the referring medical practitioner. The written report should include information on:

  • Assessments carried out on the patient
  • Treatment provided
  • Recommendations on future management of the patient’s disorder


Northern Sydney General Practice Network
Department of Health and Ageing
Medicare Australia

For Psychologists

Our Philosophy

The Clinical Psychology Centre (CPC) has a reputation built on delivering effective interventions with the highest quality of care for our local community since 2001. Clinicians within this practice collaborate closely with each other and with our community of GP’s, psychiatrists and other health professionals to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

Currently located in Crows Nest we are opening a new practice on the Northern Beaches and are always looking to introduce new members to our team.

The Centre

CPC supports innovation, service delivery and collaboration in ways most commonly seen in the public sector. Where suitable, we conduct team based assessments and offer both individual and group treatment programs (including the Comprehensive DBT program).

We support the ongoing development of our team members through access to clinical resources, regular clinical case review meetings (complex case review committee meetings and consult team meetings), bimonthly seminars, mentoring, ongoing training and formal peer support. We also organise birthday lunches and social events to foster relaxed and positive collegial relationships. Our clinicians greatly appreciate the lunchtime cross-over where there may be up to eight other clinical staff present.

We have an intake and triage manager who provides clinicians with a steady flow of clinically matched clients and who works alongside full time psychologically trained receptionists. We provide funding to develop group programs (including online programs), evaluate treatments and enable conference submissions; and have the assistance of a half time research assistant. We have common areas for staff to crossover (staff room, open plan workstations, outdoor courtyard and conference room); and access to computers and IT support

A wise, compassionate and connected world.

To improve the health and wellbeing of our society by empowering change in each individual.
To provide highly effective psychological treatments which empower individuals to reduce suffering, develop happiness, engage purposefully and foster social connectedness.

CPC has a strong team focus – our team approach is seen as essential to the ongoing development of clients, staff and the organisation as a whole.
As an organisation, we aim to:

  • Lead by example. We encourage our staff to be leaders in clinical psychology, through promoting ongoing learning, active collaboration, innovation and forming meaningful relationships.
  • Develop our staff – training materials, education, contributing to team meetings.
  • Support activities which encourage a scientist-practitioner and/or scholar-practitioner approach within this organisation.
  • Provide knowledge or skills from the discipline of psychology to staff, clients, referrers or collaborators.
  • Advance our understanding of delivering effective psychological treatments
  • Conduct research activities within our organization to better understand and improve our service to clients.
    Seek excellence through continual growth and taking CPC towards a Centre of Excellence.
  • Develop resources to improve the outcomes for clients – books, online programs, group programs. This may involve producing print resources, manuals, group or online programs, internal or external processes, collaborating with research staff, researching and developing our existing programs.
  • Continue to service our community through understanding their needs and meeting those needs where possible. This may involve developing ways to seek feedback on our existing programs, or looking at referral pathways for new of existing programs.
  • Continue to develop organizational structures, systems and processes which support our professional activities.
  • Develop community relations, developing links with universities, seeking grants. Foster links with colleagues, referrers or other agencies (e.g., Medicare Locals). This may also involve collaborating with other organizations where we share a common research goal or can achieve some outcome greater than we could complete on our own.
  • Improve community awareness and knowledge of clinical psychology as a profession and educate them about approaches to improving psychological health.

The Clinical Psychology Centre is a warm and supportive clinical psychology practice in Crows Nest. We provide evidence-based psychology services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families on the lower North Shore using individual, family, group and virtual reality programs. Our team support each other through formal and informal cross over which include complex case review committee meetings, peer consult meetings, supervision, training, ongoing mentoring, lunches and social events.

Our practice has a strong referral base and we are well respected in the community as a practice that offers a high standard of clinical care and professionalism. Our clinicians are supported by a highly dedicated administrative team and our practice has a culture of mutual support, respect and continual learning. Our rooms are purpose-built, enjoy natural light and have a library and lunch room for casual cross over with team members. We are within walking distance of St Leonards train station and bus stops.

Role Description

We are seeking Clinical Psychologists or Clinical Psychologist Registrars with an interest in working with adults, adolescents and / or children. We welcome candidates with additional specific interest areas and offer the freedom to choose your preferred evidence-based modalities.

These positions would suit both experienced clinicians who wish to work as a contractor in a warm, collegial environment, and early career psychologists wishing to commence private practice within a supportive team. We are seeking applicants who are enthusiastic and friendly, have a strong work ethic and willingness to contribute to the team.

Essential Criteria

  • Masters or Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology
  • General registration with AHPRA
  • Eligibility for registration with Medicare
  • Open, flexible and collaborative approach to your work with clients, colleagues and organisations
  • Attentive and highly attuned interpersonal skills, ability to track shifts in affect and comfortability with discussing process issues with clients
  • Professional in your interactions whilst being engaging, genuine and compassionate

Desirable Criteria

  • Approved area of practice – Clinical Psychology with AHPRA
  • Available to see clients outside of work hours and/or Saturdays
  • A Growth Mindset
  • Customer service experience

If you have the attributes we are looking for, please email your cover letter and resume to Simone Hrncir: – we look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions then please see the clinician section of our website.


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