The Psychologist Centre

Full Time

Are you like Fran? Fran has a strong reputation and long waiting lists. She sees a number of tricky clients with BPD, eating disorders and some Family Therapy. She knows that some of her clients either end up in hospital or end up in court, so she needs an assistant who understands how she works …

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Part Time

Are you like Jill? Jill is a Clinical Psychologist having finished her registrar program a couple of years prior and is in her early 30s with her youngest child in care two days each week. Jill is trying to keep her profession going and trying to contribute to the family finances in a meaningful way …

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On the side

Are you like Dan? Dan has a full-time public sector role that he loves, but he also sees a handful of private clients from a friend’s practice after hours – so the room is essentially free. He occasionally uses Skype for telehealth and the little Square merchant system is super convenient. He tries to keep …

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