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Adolescent Services

The Clinical Psychology Centre provides specialist psychological treatments for children across a range of areas. Different clinical approaches are used to treat the different areas of need. Clinical Psychologists working with this practice use treatments that have been researched and shown to be effective for that condition.

With adolescents the changing role of the adolescent in the family structure and their need to differentiate themselves from their parents often creates dynamics in the treatment that require a family systems approach initially. If this is the case then parents may be incorporated into the treatment sessions at various stages of the treatment as well as the initial assessment.

Where issues of adolescent privacy come into play we try to model appropriate openness by involving parents in the sessions to facilitate communication within the family. Occasionally, adolescents divulge something to a clinician that they feel very strongly should not be communicated to their parents. In this case we balance our legal obligations to protect their safety which may compel us to disclose, the parents desire to completely informed particularly with younger adolescents and the impact on therapeutic rapport should we break the adolescents trust.

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