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Behavioural Difficulties

Signs and symptoms

Common adolescent behaviour problems include:

  • Difficulties managing strong feelings (e.g. anger)
  • Difficulties interacting with others (e.g. peers, family members)
  • Difficulties completing schoolworkBullying or threatening behaviours towards others
  • Physical cruelty towards people and animals
  • Destruction of property
  • Lying or theft

How common are behavioural problems in adolescents?

Behaviour problems in adolescence are relatively common. While it is natural for adolescents to misbehave from time to time, misbehaviour becomes a problem if it is frequent & serious enough to interfere with the child\'s functioning at home &/or at school.

What types of behavioural problems are there?

Adolescent behavioural problems include the following:

Helping your adolescent

It\'s hard to be the parent of an adolescent with behavioural problems. Often you don\'t know what is causing your adolescent to behave in extreme ways & are unsure of how to best manage the behaviour. Research has shown that behaviour can be significantly improved when parents learn advanced behaviour management strategies. The good news is that these strategies are relatively easy to apply and have proven effective for a large majority of families. They not only significantly reduce problem behaviours, but also help to strengthen relationships between family members- creating a happier family environment.

Some helpful parenting resources include:

Getting professional help

If you believe that you need additional assistance to manage your child’s behavioural problems, the best person to speak to is your GP, as they will be able to advise you of referrals to a psychologist or psychiatrist.

The following services may also be of assistance: