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Q: What is a Mental Health Care Plan and how do I get one?

A Mental Health Care Plan, otherwise known as a MHCP under items numbers 2700/2701 or 2715/2717, is a Plan written by your GP and is generally for anyone who has a diagnosable mental health condition that is impacting significantly on their functioning. They may feel that medication or referral to a psychiatrist is more appropriate than an MHCP. This is the GP's decision after discussion with you to assess your eligibility in accordance with the Medicare Guidelines.

The creation of an MHCP takes time, so please advise your GP's receptionist that you require a 'long consult' so that they are able to allocate the necessary time (usually a 30mins).

Your GP may ask you a series of Questions and may even get you to fill out a Questionnaire. Your past medical history as well as your families medical history is taken into account, as well as your current disposition, when a Mental Health Care Plan is constructed.

The aim of this Plan is to set goals and to agree on the best form of treatment.