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Admin Support
Admin Support

Admin support might look a bit like this in a typical week:

Your clients have been SMSed their appointment reminder so call in to check if they can reschedule and Summer on reception takes the rebooking and then fills the gap in your diary with someone who was on your cancellation list. You may have also indicated that you are ready for a new client so Simone uses the list of possible clients that Natasha has triaged as being appropriate for you and books in a new client into your diary along with their presenting notes. You can see all of this on your smart phone as it syncs your diary or you can get your diary SMSed to you the afternoon prior as well if you prefer.

When you see the new client they will have had a file made up in the format you specify for that age group and their questionnaires scored. You book their next appointment, process payments and issue invoices all from your consult room yourself. At the end of your clinical contact you can choose to move to the staff room or go home and use the SSL VPN remote access to do your reports which are pre-populated in a standard format waiting for you to turn sentence stubs into paragraphs.

There are lots of other things that happen in the background to keep the business running and clients receiving the help they need.