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Waiting Room

The waiting room is a newly renovated, and beautiful open plan space which opens onto a large balcony overlooking the surrounds of Crows Nest. Reception is covered during usual business hours and out-of-hours we have intercoms that link in directly to the rooms. Clients are welcome to relax either out on the balcony or on the comfortable couches, and of course, they are able to help themselves to water. If you or your clients would prefer to use the back door to avoid the visibility of the shared waiting room, either when coming or going, then there is a second and even more discrete entrance that we share with the local beauty therapist.


Waiting Room

Kids Waiting RoomOur kids and adolescent clients also enjoy dropping into bean bags to read books or can access the secure (filtered) WiFi. There are small drawing desks and pens for the younger kids and bigger kids sometimes do homework from the larger desk.