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Peer Support

At CPC, Senior Clinical Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists and Registrars come together for the following peer consult programs:

  • Fortnightly DBT consults: Clinicians utilising DBT in their work with clients come together on a fortnightly basis for a DBT peer consult program. Here, clinicians have the opportunity to support and help one another with difficult clinical cases, and the potential for high burn out from working with clients who require a DBT approach. We start consults with a mindfulness exercise, with the aim to support one another in finding ways to help reduce each other's burn out, improve groundedness, and consult on DBT strategies to help improve client outcomes.
  • Bimonthly seminars: These seminars are presented by a clinician at the practice on a topic of their choice, their expertise, or on learnings from a workshop they may have attended. Examples of recent bimonthly seminars include: compassion focussed therapy, clinical presentations with a focus on eating disorders and the implementation of the Maudsley treatment model, and cognitive analytic therapy.
  • Complex case reviews: In addition to the above, CPC also hosts a bimonthly complex case review meeting, where clinicians have the opportunity to present a case to their peers that may be particularly challenging, and difficult to treat, or one that is leading to increased burn out for you. Here, you have the opportunity to seek feedback from your colleagues in a supportive, trusting, and collegial environment, where we honour your work with the client, before brainstorming different ways of approaching the complex presentation.

Prior to commencing the bimonthly seminars or the complex case review, we also get together for a meal - usually out on the balcony if the weather is nice!Crows Nest