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New Graduates
New Graduates

When we established the practice it was with the understanding that our work can be isolating so we set out to create a physical space that would allow clinicians to cross paths with other colleagues: to share a laugh and foster informal collegial support. We are also of the belief that isolated private practice can lead to inertia of skills, so we actively promote professional development through disseminating information about upcoming trainings, running bimonthly seminars at the practice, promoting informal peer consultations and undertaking our own research. This is designed with the clinician’s wellbeing in mind recognising that it assists them to deliver the best possible outcomes for their clients whilst not burning out. We can also facilitate supervision arrangements with staff experienced in the particular clinical areas of need or suggest external supervisors. As a past president of AACBT NSW, Natasha has strong links with colleagues in the wider psych community.

To achieve these aims we have created a practice that has a large separate staff room which is divided into a sitting room / lunch room and quiet workstations separated by glass. We also have the diaries structured to promote the cross-over of clinicians and shared resources such as electronic and paper resources library and online programs.

To support your work with clients and manage your diary while you are outside the practice, we have full time reception coverage and an intake manager, who gathers relevant presenting concerns, liases with Natasha about how best to support the clients needs and balancing your caseload. Once you finish with an existing client and flag you are willing to start a new client, appropriate clients are booked in to your diary, pre-treatment questionnaires are scored and the file made up for you ready for your assessment session.