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Part Time Mums
Working Parents

One of the biggest challenges presented to a lot of parents is being able to balance the competing needs of having a young family and the desire to maintain their professional aspirations. We have heard of stories of psychologists being only offered to return to work in a full time capacity or with 8 hour days on a part time basis. We also learnt firsthand how managing a private practice with young kids can creep and you end up taking calls at all hours as you try to keep clients and referrers happy. At the same time the overheads associated to with running a business often drive you to do more contact hours than you might like because the overheads don't necessarily scale back as your contact hours do.

We have specifically structured our days to allow working mums to get in early to see clients in the morning, do some paperwork and leave well before school pickups. We also provide reception services to minimise the intrusion of your professional life on your private life. For instance clients rescheduling and actioning of cancellation lists are managed at reception while you are out and your diary is available through your smart phone. If you have a client that escalates for some reason we generally try to contain them until you are next at work or escalate it through Natasha before contacting you.

We would typically recommend that you look to limit yourself to 3-4 mornings at most and not to look to do child or adolescent work which typically requires after-school hours.