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New Graduates
New Graduates

In addition to interns, CPC also aims to foster the growth of future clinical psychologists, by taking on registrars who have completed the clinical Masters or Doctorate. The wide world of clinical psychology offers varied positions in either a public, community, or private setting. Hospital or community mental health services can be fantastic opportunities for a number of reasons including: the wide variety of cases, networking and associated clinical support. Conversely, the reasons most often sighted in choosing not to move into private practice are the complexities or running a business and concerns about referrals.

The Clinical Psychology Centre is a well-established practice with a strong referral base, and a team of dedicated administrative staff who manage all business complexities, making it easier for you to focus on your expanding skill-set, and on your work with clients.

Many graduates who have completed their Registrar program with us benefit from the mix of informal lunchtime and cross over conversations with our team, and the increased access to formal supervision. Our triage process (via our client services manager) works with you to limit or expand the breadth and complexities of presentations you work with, to allow you to focus on the kinds of presentations you would like to develop your skill-set in.

We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you to develop and meet your goals, motivations and aspirations. Please contact us about what we might be able to offer.