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We generally take one intern in their final placement each year. Interns will typically be taken through the usual induction process and allocated clients based on their skills and focus of their internship. We will also help setup formal supervision with board approved supervisors within the practice or externally depending on the area of need.

Clients pay significantly reduced rates when seeing an intern, typically much less than the gap after Medicare rebates, so while some interns have been paid in the past it's generally not feasible to offer more than development because the costs of supporting your learning are greater than the revenues in most cases. We would also be looking to get you to contribute to the processes and programs within the practice. In the past interns have helped create or modify group and individual programs or update resources and similar. Ultimately we are just interested in seeing you develop and deliver exceptional services to clients that would otherwise be anable to afford treatment. We are most proud of the fact that a number of former interns have remained with us for many years following their placements. They tell us that they found the most significant benefit was the varied and demanding cases paired with engaging and timely support that saw their skills develop at a significantly faster rate than their peers.

If you're interested, then please with your placements coordinator about the process of applying for an internship with us.