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Our Philosophy

The Clinical Psychology Centre (CPC) has a reputation built on delivering effective interventions with the highest quality of care for our local community since 2001. Clinicians within this practice collaborate closely with each other and with our community of GP’s, psychiatrists and other health professionals to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. 

Currently located in Crows Nest we are opening a new practice on the Northern Beaches and are looking to introduce a maternity locum, DBT Team Leader and an adolescent clinician to our Crows Nest team. 

The Centre

CPC supports innovation, service delivery and collaboration in ways most commonly seen in the public sector. Where suitable, we conduct team based assessments and offer both individual and group treatment programs (including the Comprehensive DBT program). 

We support the ongoing development of our team members through access to clinical resources, regular clinical case review meetings (complex case review committee meetings and consult team meetings), bimonthly seminars, mentoring, ongoing training and formal peer support. We also organise birthday lunches and social events to foster relaxed and positive collegial relationships. Our clinicians greatly appreciate the lunchtime cross-over where there may be up to eight other clinical staff present. 

We have an intake and triage manager who provides clinicians with a steady flow of clinically matched clients and who works alongside full time psychologically trained receptionists. We provide funding to develop group programs (including online programs), evaluate treatments and enable conference submissions; and have the assistance of a half time research assistant. We have common areas for staff to crossover (staff room, open plan workstations, outdoor courtyard and conference room); and access to computers and IT support. 

Our Vision

A wise, compassionate and connected world.

Our purpose

To improve the health and wellbeing of our society by empowering change in each individual.
To provide highly effective psychological treatments which empower individuals to reduce suffering, develop happiness, engage purposefully and foster social connectedness.

Our Approach

CPC has a strong team focus - our team approach is seen as essential to the ongoing development of clients, staff and the organisation as a whole.
As an organisation, we aim to: 

  • Lead by example. We encourage our staff to be leaders in clinical psychology, through promoting ongoing learning, active collaboration, innovation and forming meaningful relationships.
  • Develop our staff - training materials, education, contributing to team meetings.
  • Support activities which encourage a scientist-practitioner and/or scholar-practitioner approach within this organisation.
  • Provide knowledge or skills from the discipline of psychology to staff, clients, referrers or collaborators.
  • Advance our understanding of delivering effective psychological treatments
  • Conduct research activities within our organization to better understand and improve our service to clients.
    Seek excellence through continual growth and taking CPC towards a Centre of Excellence.
  • Develop resources to improve the outcomes for clients – books, online programs, group programs. This may involve producing print resources, manuals, group or online programs, internal or external processes, collaborating with research staff, researching and developing our existing programs.
  • Continue to service our community through understanding their needs and meeting those needs where possible. This may involve developing ways to seek feedback on our existing programs, or looking at referral pathways for new of existing programs.
  • Continue to develop organizational structures, systems and processes which support our professional activities.
  • Develop community relations, developing links with universities, seeking grants. Foster links with colleagues, referrers or other agencies (e.g., Medicare Locals). This may also involve collaborating with other organizations where we share a common research goal or can achieve some outcome greater than we could complete on our own.
  • Improve community awareness and knowledge of clinical psychology as a profession and educate them about approaches to improving psychological health.

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